Variety and Various Ages

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. (G. Bernard Shaw)
Irene Schiff

Variety theatre is also known as variety arts: sketch, dancing, games, music... It has always existed even if it has changed over time. Even in the life of a person, the pleasure brought by variety, in the forms of entertainment and games, does change, but the need and pleasure to have fun should remain constant. In Latin, play is called ludus and it is no coincidence that a life without play is a de-ludus life, meaning disillusioning, disappointing. 

Man in the various stages of life

Even animals with a certain intelligence play together to socialize, to learn how to hunt or to recognize the roles of the group. As they play, they show that they know quite well the rule of pretending: if they bite, they don't hurt; if they seem angry, they know it's for play. To pretend, in a play, allows our brains the luxury of momentarily moving away from reality, giving the instinctive part in ourselves a bit of relief because, at times, instinct can be trapped underneath school desks, on office chairs, in excessive responsibilities. If we once had to go out of the house to enjoy a variety show, in theatres, in entertainment cafés; today variety itself comes into our home. Even games and toys have had the same path: from squares, courtyards and fields, we now find them on a table on a small screen. We no longer climb on walls and trees, we no longer play with blowpipes and slingshots, we no longer draw with chalks on sidewalks to play hopscotch. Even playing with the doll, growing up, we went from Ciccio Bello to Barbie and Ken. 

Two people walking hand in hand in a parking lot

There are video games for all ages even if adults should not even try challenging kids! When choosing a show or a game, we show traits of our personality and even more so when losing! Playing is important and it is so at any age. Bingo and the game of the goose can be played all year round and not just at Christmas. While playing, children learn to know themselves, as well as others and the world around them. Adults can learn to relax, experiencing well-being in good company. The important thing is to make variety and fun a means, not an end in itself: being able to be adults without becoming so serious as not to have time to have fun and, above all, to have fun with others.



1) Your friends are organizing a horse ride and you've never even come near a horse, you

a) turn down the activity

b) take horse riding lessons

c) are impatient to participate in the outing


2) A colleague reasons very differently than you; you try

a) to understand his point of view

b) to make him understand your point of view

c) to change colleague


3) You think about tomorrow with

a) pleasure

b) anguish

c) peace of mind


4) The true friend

a) is the one from youth

b) only exists in a fantasy

c) exists even among adults


5) What do you associate with the word "triangle”

a) a special romantic relationship

b) a geometric shape

c) a road sign


6) A 40-year-old person is associated to

a) the present

b) the future

c) the past


7) You just returned from a trip; you think about

a) the next trip

b) the most interesting moments 

c) telling friends about it


8) What do you associate with the word "invest"

a) an official appointment

b) financial transactions

c) inoculation


9) You are thinking about buying a car

a) comfortable

b) safe

c) fast


10) You rate poorly in a competition, next time you

a) better prepare yourself

b) sign up again because the important is to participate

c) don't sign up anymore


11) Usually, on weekends you

a) are full of commitments

b) are bored

c) rest


12) Family is

a) understanding

b) limitations

c) safety


13) You're not very hungry, you have

a) a salad

b) a steak

c) an ice cream


14) Adversaries should be

a) attacked

b) studied

c) respected


15) There is a costume party, you

a) prepare a special costume

b) put on whatever costume is available

c) don't participate



Question A B C
1) 1 2 3
2) 2 3 1
3) 3 1 2
4) 1 2 3
5) 3 1 2
6) 2 1 3
7) 3 1 2
8) 1 2 3
9) 2 1 3
10) 2 3 1
11) 3 1 2
12) 2 3 1
13) 1 2 3
14) 3 2 1
15) 3 2 1

Man in the various stages of life





Either you're young or youthful and you love to hang out with a lot of people. Quiet evenings don't interest you and you like to propose new ideas. Variety doesn't mean only ebullience and sparkles, it's also possible to entertain yourself chatting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere or reading a good book. This is not for "old people," on the contrary they can be quite pleasant at any age. A proverb says, "every season bears its fruits," what's important is to know how to cultivate them, always.



Curiosity is one of your essential traits, and you like to try a little bit of everything. From a quiet game of Monopoly to a hectic evening, without any excess or exaggeration because you like to alternate games and types of entertainment. From a poker game with friends to a memory card game with the children: you have fun and you know how to entertain. This is a good way to stay young, regardless of age. If life is a treasure hunt, there is a good chance you might find it.



Has it really been that long since you played with other children? It's all right that you prefer silence and rest, but sometimes a little vitality can be helpful, even fundamental. Try dusting up some of those old game boxes and maybe you'll want to experience those emotions once again, even if these have changed throughout the years. Even trying something new can be interesting. There is an age on the ID card and there is what we feel: experiencing new initiatives can help keep us healthy and vice versa. The pleasure of discovery is the best variety.  

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