The Graduation Ceremony

The traditional graduation ceremony following completion of the 2016 course for Information and Communication Receptionist-Operator with Marilena Pillati, Bologna's Deputy Mayor.
Lucilla Boschi

On October 6, 2017, at 10 a.m., in the Bentivoglio Hall of the Francesco Cavazza Institute for the Blind, the graduation ceremony was held for the students who completed the 2016 course of Information and Communication Receptionist-Operator. 

Elio De Leo, Marilena Pillati, Egidio Sosio, Cavazza Institute, Bologna

At the event were present Marilena Pillati, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Bologna, Egidio Sosio, Program Coordinator and Disability Manager for the City of Bologna, and Elio De Leo, President of the Cavazza Institute. Following their visit of the premises learning about the Institute's activities, Marilena Pillati highlighted the importance of the role the Institute plays for Bologna, as the protagonist of a history of innovation fostering the autonomy of people living with vision loss, coming from all over the country.

Viola, guide dog, Cavazza Institute, Bologna
Group of students, Cavazza Institute, Bologna

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