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The staff of the Istituto Cavazza and the Prefect, Istituto Cavazza, Bologna

The Prefect's visit

On November 27th, the Prefect of Bologna Dr. Matteo Piantedosi visited the Institute, expressing appreciation for the institutional activities and in particular the Anteros and Tolomeo museums.


Anteros welcomes the Netherlands

On May 8th, the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza will welcome Radboud University's classes (NL) which will be given a presentation on the best practices of the educational counselling service and those of the Anteros Museum. The event will take place at the Institute's Bentivoglio hall and will be open to the public.



From November 30th to December 2, 2017, took place the 11th edition of Handimatica, a national exhibition and conference dedicated to digital technologies. On Sunday, December 2nd, Minister of Labour Giuliano Poletti visited the tech aids exhibition.


Handimatica, Istituto Cavazza, Bologna


National Braille Day

On February 23rd, in the Bentivoglio hall, took place the 11th edition of National Braille Day with a public meeting and reading for two voices, Margaret Collina and Bana Abreham, from the book "Philip and Louis Braille." The event was promoted by the Italian Blind Union, the Istituto Cavazza, the Apostolic Movement of the Blind and the Braille Centre San Giacomo. The event was attended by Monsignor Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, the Councillor for the City of Bologna, Susanna Zaccaria, the President of the Italian Blind Union, Mario Barbuto, the National President MAC Michelangelo Patanè, and the President of the social coop San Giacomo, Salvatore Bentivegna.


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