Traveling through life: at what speed?

Strada facendo... (Along the way) (Claudio Baglioni)
Irene Schiff

“You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.” This is what Dante has Ulysses say, but then this legendary figure is damned because he decides to sail past the Pillars of Hercules. Therefore, Dante encourages us to move forward but, at the same time, to understand that there is a limit. But what is this limit? When back in Ithaca, should Ulysses have left again or stayed? Progress takes place because of the desire for knowledge, but sometimes the urge becomes too strong and the person feeling this urge seems to lose control. There are also people whose goal is to balance being very busy and finding time to rest. Sometimes they manage, but sometimes the very search for this balance becomes exhausting, while for others, sweet idleness seems an easier goal to reach. There is no absolute good or bad: it’s important to understand when to turn on the motor and go into high gear, or instead when you can down-shift or even stop. What type of “driver” are you?


Dante Alighieri e Ulisse - Ritratto




1) You associate the word “tail” with

a) a hairstyle

b) the end of an animal

c) a line

2) They’re looking for someone who’s not an expert pilot for a trip into space:

a) no way

b) you apply

c) you’re tempted but then have second thoughts

3) Your friends are arguing:

a) you try to get them to make up

b) if they ask for your help, you intervene

c) it’s their problem

4) Your relationship with your ex is:

a) don’t have one

b) terrible

c) friendly

5) The sport for you is:

a) walking

b) the gym every week

c) from the bed to the couch


6) Advertising:

a) is something you ignore

b) is boring

c) stimulates your curiosity

7) Bad vibes:

a) rhythm you don’t like

b) crisis

c) thunderstorm

8) It’s Friday:

a) you have to finish work

b) tomorrow you rest

c) you organize the weekend with friends

9) Stable means:

a) safe

b) boring

c) structure

10) You hear a word you don’t know:

a) you don’t care

b) you just have to understand the meaning of the conversation

c) you find out what it means

11) At night:

a) you sleep well

b) often have insomnia

c) sometimes wake up

12) The most important thing about work is:

a) career

b) flexible hours

c) calm environment

13) You want to start a diet:

a) tomorrow

b) today

c) do I really have to?

14) A dispute is most serious:

a) at home

b) with friends

c) at work

15) You’d like to be:

a) Donald Duck

b) Mickey Mouse

c) Uncle Scrooge

Paperino sorridente - Fumetto


Questions A B C

1) 3 2 1
2) 1 3 2

3) 3 2 1

4) 2 3 1
5) 2 3 1

6) 2 1 3

7) 3 1 2

8) 2 1 3

9) 1 3 2

10) 1 2 3

11) 1 3 2

12) 3 1 2

13) 2 3 1

14) 2 1 3

15) 1 2 3

Mano fuori dal finestrino dell'auto in viaggio - Fotografia


45 TO 36 POINTS:


You always have strength, determination, desire to move forward and make progress. Sometimes you know where you want to go, sometimes you’re unsure, and sometimes you have no idea but feel the drive not to stop. There’s always something to discover, a new journey to undertake. All this may be lovely, but it doesn’t always let you enjoy the moment, so your desire to grow turns into stress. Are you sure you can’t slow down just a bit?




You can alternate moments of hurry and exertion with moments when you like letting yourself go. You enjoy the benefits of idleness, but also the pleasure of knowing where you are, understood as in company with others and in company with yourself. You consider it important to build your future, but you don’t want it to turn into an endless race.


25 TO 15 POINTS:


You may be the survivor of an extremely demanding period or of great disappointment. You feel physically and mentally tired. Maybe you think you began a project that doesn’t convince you, or maybe you didn’t achieve the goals you set yourself. Don’t give up: you can always start again. Change something, but start again. But if instead it’s just a little laziness … come on, drink some coffee and get going!

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