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For almost 150 years, the Francesco Cavazza Institute for the Blind has helped promote research, development, and testing, as well as the diffusion of culture and the safeguarding of inclusion for visually-impaired people in Italy.

Almost all of these activities are made possible by donations from companies and individuals, who allow us to pursue our goal of a world without barriers, a world that respects, listens to, includes, and recognizes the value of the blind and visually-impaired.

Our Institute received its first donation in 1886, when Count Felice Cavazza, father of Francesco, our founder, allocated the sizeable sum of 10,000 Lire to the newly-created organization, giving life and future to a dream: teaching the blind and freeing them from poverty and need.

This bequest was followed by many others, in cash and in real estate.

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The Francesco Cavazza Institute is a beneficiary in the wills of many Bolognese, whose generosity helps us continue our founders’ work.

Over 3 million Italians declare they are willing to include a bequest in their will: 900 thousand say they have already prepared a socially supportive last will and testament, and another 1.9 million intend to seriously consider doing the same.


Writing a last will and testament is a gesture of responsibility that safeguards your loved-ones and your intentions. In a will, you can clearly express how to allocate your assets and to choose to leave part of them to organizations that you want to support. The law ensures you a “free share” with which you can hand down your generosity and solidarity, and a “legitimate share” that safeguard your family members. The will is a personal, non-binding, revocable document that you can change or annul at any time. It is important to know that in the absence of heirs, the estate goes entirely to the State.


A sum of money; real estate (such as an apartment); personal property, a work of art, a valuable object, jewelry; stocks, bonds, or other financial products; severance pay (if you are an employee); a life insurance policy (in addition to you will, you can make a bequest by taking out a life insurance policy and specifying Istituto dei Ciechi Francesco Cavazza (the Francesco Cavazza Institute for the Blind) as beneficiary (or one of the beneficiaries) of the policy.

For your bequest to be valid, you must clearly specify the beneficiary organization in your will. Therefore, remember to write taxpayer code 00345340376 for Istituto dei Ciechi Francesco Cavazza.

Together, we can make an important difference.

You can support us in three ways:

1) 5x1000: this costs you nothing, and for us it’s an incentive to develop new projects and activities for the blind and visually-impaired;

2) An online donation, directly on our website. Easy, fast, safe;

3) A bequest in your will, which will be transformed into listening, assistance, protection, in a simple and unbiased future for the blind, visually-impaired, and disabled.


To arrange for a donation or bequest, or to make your will, you can phone the Institute’s Director at 051 332090 or write to:


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