Limitless: the results of a project full of emotions

Not just trying new solutions, but also spending a few pleasant hours with others
Federico Bartolomei

Place the iPad on the table, find the keys to switch it on and off, repeat the simple movement to unlock the screen: this is the sequence that Michele, one of our IT technicians, teaches in the first lesson of the Limitless course.

Launched during the pandemic to ease the enormous hardships that people (especially the elderly) were going through due to social distancing, the project aims to teach how to use the tablet and the functions that make it accessible, such as, for example, image enlargement and speech synthesis. The first lessons are taught one-on-one and later to a group.

People who had no previous experience with computers can now finally access the Internet and enjoy the limitless possibilities offered by the web, especially now that many services are being digitized. Shopping, banking, buying train tickets, all online: these are just a few of the activities taught during the lessons. Online games, audiobooks, music, and chatting are other very popular functions that helped create and reinforce the group, which benefitted not only from the lessons given by our professionisti but also from a sort of mutual help.Two senior adults with iPads

Deanna, one of the project’s first participants, explains, “We’re very happy with the group we formed. We began by sharing difficulties and trying out possible solutions, and this blossomed into real friendship. Limitless became an opportunity to spend a few pleasant hours all together.” It’s simple to join the project. First, make an appointment with the Cavazza Institute’s Ausilioteca service and, after our team has carefully assessed your residual autonomies, individual needs, and expectations, you can begin the course. The service is free of charge.



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