Eugenio Riccòmini

Kindness and expertise together... in art
Mario Barbuto - Presidente Nazionale Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti

We have lost an outstanding person, known for his kindness and expertise. I will always remember his visit to our Anteros Tactile Painting Museum. 8

His comments and anecdotes were spoken with utmost simplicity: for example, about when he was at the Louvre and had the joy and fortune to hold the Mona Lisa in his hands…

I remember his wonderful lesson in the auditorium of the Cavazza Institute, when he literally took us by the hand with his narrative and led us to the rock art of 30 thousand years ago, describing the first paintings in such detail that we seemed to feel them under our fingers.  

I also remember Eugenio Riccòmini at the desks of the City Council, blending expertise and kindness so that everyone – literally everyone – could reason, think, whisper instead of swearing and yelling.   

Thank you Eugenio, from all of us! For what you were, what you represented, what you gave us.

Without you, the city and its street furniture will certainly be emptier. Eugenio Riccòmini - Photograph, Bologna


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