Single or in Couple?

Do single people want to find a stable partner while couples want to be single?
Irene Schiff

Post-it note "I'm single"

Once, it was customary that unmarried people played soccer matches against married people. Today, it seems that this type of competition has shifted into our lives. Luckily there are so many happy single and married people, but many others are envious of the situation of others.

Is that why the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Society has changed. A lady was only called this way if she was married. Instead, a man could choose not to marry without losing his reputation. The etymology of some terms is also indicative of this: scapolo = unmarried, without a rope around the neck; zitella = young marriageable woman. And when one ages? Adjectives continued to inflate: men became old sly foxes, unremorseful at most; while young marriageable women became old, gossipy and acid.

Today single-parent families are constantly increasing: work requirements or lack of work, desire for freedom, relational difficulties in building or maintaining a relationship, greater sexual freedom, cultural messages that bring us to consider the rights of individuals and other messages that say you are happy only when you are not giving up anything. However, giving up certain things is inevitable, for single people and couples and families.If renunciation is seen as "I am losing my desire to build something that has more value," adversity is still difficult, but can be overcome. Freedom, autonomy and independence are within us and we can find it both as a single person or as a couple. Being single, in a couple or part of a family, does not guarantee happiness. It is up to us as a single person, a member of a couple or a family to feel good whatever the situation. What matters is to create and maintain our own self-esteem, will and love for yourself. And how do you feel?


1) What is your favourite sport?

a) tennis

b) volleyball

c) basketball

2) Someone asks you, "you are still single?" You answer:

a) all the superheroes are single

b) yes, but I decided to quit

c) I’m waiting for true love

3) What is your favourite phrase?

a) nothing wrong with trying

b) use it or lose it

c) faithful through the centuries

4) There is an important job opportunity, but it’s far away from home 7 months a year. Your partner tells you to accept it:

a) you accept

b) you refuse

c) you accept only if your partner goes with you

5) Same job opportunity as before. Your partner tells you to refuse it:

a) you agree

b) you refuse

c) you leave your partner

6) It’s Valentine's day and you are single:

a) tomorrow is San Faustino day, celebrating singles 

b) you feel lonely

c) what's the problem?

7) The border is:

a) a limit

b) a motivation factor to overcome it

c) a protection

8) You are thinking about enrolling in a dance school:

a) group dancing

b) tango

c) you think about it again and give up the idea

9) The person who says, "better alone than in poor company":

a) is right

b) doesn't know the meaning of solitude

c) has just ended a relationship

10) Two hearts and a place:

a) with the economic crisis, it's already difficult to buy a place

b) it's the title of a soap opera

c) when it's true love, even a small place is enough

11) People go to the gym:

a) because they have time to waste

b) to stay in shape

c) to socialize

12) Your friend is desperate because his or her love story is over; you say:

a) I understand, remember when it happened to me…

b) think about the freedom you’re going to have

c) I'm organizing a party next Saturday and you will meet new people

13) Happy couples are:

a) more numerous than you think

b) less numerous than you think

c) can't say

14) You won a big amount of money, you

a) invest in your work

b) buy a house

c) go around the world

15) What does Snow White think when she awakens with the prince's kiss?

a) could he not let me sleep?

b) I was tired of working for seven men!

c) I'll try, I have nothing to lose!




Question A B C

1) 3 2 1

2) 3 2 1

3) 2 3 1

4) 3 1 2

5) 2 1 3

6) 3 1 2

7) 2 3 1

8) 3 1 2

9) 2 3 1

10) 1 2 3

11) 1 3 2

12) 1 3 2

13) 2 1 3

14) 2 1 3

15) 2 1 3






You love your independence and you have difficulty accepting compromises or you met partners who did not have the desire or the ability to get involved. You know how to fill in your days with many interests, you can take time and space for yourself, but sometimes you feel alone and think with some envy about your friends who have stable relationships. It depends on you to consider your situation as one of freedom or solitude.



There is no ideal situation, everyone can choose their own way. You believe in love but you know that both of you have to work at it. Living with someone or getting married are important steps, you want to be sure of what you are doing and what your partner wants. Single life does not frighten you but it must be your choice.



You like the idea of living as a couple and you believe that the difficulties of life are not so important if both of you deal with things. Traditions are very important to you even if you sometimes envy single people for their freedom. Even if your life as a couple is not always perfect, you prefer that or, if you are single, you think that life as a couple is more attractive than your own situation. Whether you are married or single, try living your situation for what it is, not for what you think you might be missing.


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