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Patrizio Roversi's testimonial in favour of prevention.
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March 23rd was the last day of the fundraising campaign through Idea Ginger's crowdfunding platform. Many people have contributed in supporting the initiative. The proceeds other than maintaining the services provided daily free of charge to citizens allowed us to put in place the #openweek sight prevention program.


Message by Patrizio Roversi for #openweek #sight week (February 2017)


Fernando sends me a message. Fernando works at the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza in Bologna. And he tells me that from May 8th to the 13th, there will be a sight week. One week, let's say, filled with initiatives on eye-disease prevention. I can make a small contribution simply by saying something about myself.


I was about to leave for a trip by boat around the world, so I went to say goodbye to my dad. I fond him putting eye drops so I told him: "Dad, what's the matter? Why are you putting eye drops?" “Well, you know I have glaucoma, don't you know?” "Really? No, I didn't know..."

Patrizio Roversi

I had to go. I had to prepare my suitcases, but I stopped by an eye specialist who measured my ocular pressure and who insulted me for fifteen minutes! My pressure was really high and I had glaucoma...

I didn't know! I had not been tested, and had totally neglected that.

So, he gave me eye drops. Among other things, he told me: "Don't take anything against sea sickness when you are on your boat (I would have taken it!) because it's contraindicated!"

He explained to me everything. Let's say he told me a thing or two right then and there. And I have half my sight in one eye because glaucoma has unfortunately progressed. So, I can absolutely tell you two things: first, ask your parents and relatives if anyone has glaucoma. And second, when you see your eye specialist, and please do make an appointment, have your ocular pressure checked. It only takes a minute, it doesn't hurt, but it's a way to find out if you have glaucoma.

Untreated glaucoma leads to blindness!

I hope to have contributed to the blindness prevention week in a meaningful way.


Thanks to the Bologna Football Club and its captain Daniele Gastaldello who has helped us disseminate the #blindness #prevention culture.

Daniele Gastaldello

Bologna FC

Information sessions for opticians
We thank:

o    Ala Service Srl, Bologna

o    Centro Ottico Pianoro, Pianoro (BO)

o    Ottica Bertuzzi, San Giorgio di Piano (BO)

o    Ottica Castiglione, Bologna

o    Ottica Cerioli, Bologna

o    Ottica Gambini Mario, Bologna

o    Ottica Giulietti & Guerra Clavature, Bologna

o    Ottica Giulietti & Guerra San Donato, Bologna

o    Ottica Giulietti & Guerra San Mamolo, Bologna

o    Ottica Mioli, Bologna

o    Ottica Tassi, Bologna

o    Ottica Tonino, Bologna

o    Ottica Travisani, Cesena (FC)


Myth and Art Aperitif: Conference by Dr. Loretta Secchi from the tactile museum Anteros

We thank:

o    Alberti Giulia

o    Balbo Irene

o    Barbato Daniela

o    Barbieri Marisa

o    Bedocchi Franco

o    Bercé Anna Maria

o    Bertagnoni Alberta

o    Bertagnoni Claudia

o    Bertagnoni Raffaella

o    Borra Pier Michele

o    Cané Marco

o    Carati Ezia

o    Correnti Carla

o    De Maria Mario

o    Di Ridolfo Nicolina

o    Faggiella Licia

o    Ferretti Angela

o    Foschi Franco

o    Gallusi Stefania

o    Graziani Carmela

o    Grishanenkova Vera

o    Marcheselli Francesco

o    Marra Giampaolo

o    Menarini Tiziana

o    Menetti Antonietta

o    Mezzoprete Lorenza

o    Musiani Alfonso

o    Piccioni Claudia

o    Pinto Giancarlo

o    Rimondi Vivetta

o    Sebastiani Giulia

o    Sosio Egidio

o    Talavera Fabiola

o    Trenti Giuseppe

o    Venturini Francesco

o    Zini Angela

Meeting with opticians, Institute for the Blind F.†Cavazza in Bologna

Contributors who participated to the project directly on the Idea Ginger platform

We thank:

o    Barbuto Mario

o    Bartolomei Federico

o    Boschi Lucilla

o    Casini Raffaela

o    Clerici Roberto

o    Cluster Voice Systems Srl, Milano

o    Dall’Occa Piero

o    Dondi Gaetano

o    Frontali Roberto

o    Gasparini Marco

o    Hotel San Geminiano Snc, Modena

o    Hunziker Susanne

o    Istituto Donati classi IVAP e IVBP, Fossombrone (PU)

o    Moser Anna

o    Negri Leonardo

o    Neri Lisa

o    Palmieri Loretta

o    Paziente Giuseppina

o    Poluzzi Maria

o    Res.Co. Srl, Bologna

o    Ristorante Franco Rossi, Bologna

o    Se.Com. Srl,

o    Sermide (MN)

o    Tampieri Luciana

o    Visitatori vari in occasione di ArtCity Bologna


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