Oh! Something Unexpected

Everything cannot be planned, unfortunately or fortunately.
Irene Schiff

Even if we try to plan as much as possible, we have to expect the unexpected. Sometimes it even seems that fate conspires against us: we prepared everything, calculated everything, and something suddenly comes up.


But if we think about it, is it really unexpected? Have we carefully considered the various aspects of the issue or have we missed one or more parts? And have we given the right importance to the possible consequences of what we intend to do? Sometimes we do, in truth we did everything possible and the rest is beyond our control. It can be purely coincidental, another person's tardiness, a sudden traffic jam. "A happy outcome is worth waiting for" at least so the proverb goes and the life we lead is often so hectic that we do not have the time necessary for everything. But other times? There are those who often wait at the last moment because they are disorganized or because they like to get the adrenaline going when they have to meet a deadline. But, as they say, not all evils come to harm. Sometimes the unexpected can improve the outcomes because there were no expectations.


We are put to the test when we have to accept new situations or change plans. We have to find new resources and grow. If we think about it, it was precisely because we had to adapt to our environment and to the circumstances that we evolved as a species. When the unexpected is pleasant, it becomes a nice surprise and, even if it sometimes means we have to change plans, it can still fill us with joy.


How do we cope with unforeseen events? Sand into the wheels or the spice of life?





1) You are late and there is a lot of traffic, you
a) become more and more nervous
b) call to say you're going to be late and calm down
c) listen to music

2) Your partner disrespects you, you
a) talk about it
b) play it down
c) turn a blind eye


3) You're on the beach on vacation and it's raining, you
a) go for a swim
b) go back to the hotel for a nap
c) go to the bar


4) Those who are in search of thrills do so because they
a) always need something new
b) are unsatisfied
c) are curious


5) What most gives you the idea of freedom
a) a cat playing
b) a galloping horse
c) a flying eagle


6) On a three-week vacation, you enjoy yourself more during
a) the first week because you still have two to go
b) the second week because you got used to it
c) the third week because you are more relaxed


7) Someone recommended an investment which turned out to be a bad one
a) I'm unknowledgeable
b) I'm unlucky
c) they did it on purpose


8) Those who make fun of others do it because of
a) exhibitionism
b) insecurity
c) nastiness


9) You hear about a new highly contagious virus
a) you inform yourself immediately
b) you think these are exaggerated news
c) at the first sign of illness, you go to the doctor


10) A "no" looks like
a) a wooden fence
b) a closed door
c) a closed padlock


11) After one of your successes, you make a toast saying
a) I also had a little luck
b) this is for all those people who did not believe in me
c) good work takes a long time


12) Someone gives you a compliment
a) you like it
b) you are embarrassed
c) you think there is a reason behind this


13) Forgiving the betrayal of a person whom you believed to be loyal
a) is impossible
b) only if, in that case, you are also to be blamed
c) you have already strayed as well


14) A star gives a lot of money to charity because he
a) has too much income tax to pay
b) is very generous
c) wants to have some publicity


15) You have to start a diet; you begin
a) today
b) tomorrow
c) next month





1) 1 3 2
2) 1 2 3
3) 2 1 3
4) 2 1 3
5) 1 3 2
6) 2 1 3
7) 3 2 1
8) 3 2 1
9) 1 3 2
10) 3 2 1
11) 3 1 2
12) 3 2 1
13) 1 3 2
14) 1 3 2
15) 3 2 1




In front of a problem, even a little unexpected situation, at first you get angry, and this is human, but then you don't stop there. You consider this only a waste of energy. You immediately look for an alternative, a solution. You are ready to make plans and change those without much displeasure. All this is fine but, if something unexpected often comes up in your planning maybe it'd be worth it to better prepare your activities.



You like spontaneity, and you dislike too much strictness. Even when planning your days or your work, you don't care so much about what you consider to be only marginal details. If there were to be any setbacks or problems, you would address them when the time came. It's all right to be optimistic, but at times giving more attention to details could be helpful.



How is this possible? I would never have thought! Who could have imagined this? This is what you say when something doesn't go as you had imagined. Sometimes, you're not even surprised. You get angry and often think it's the others' fault, it's bad luck, it's fate... Are you really sure you couldn't do things a little differently? Paying a little more attention sometimes can be complicated or boring, but it could be worth it.


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