Istituto Francesco Cavazza ONLUS

The Institute is going back to its first status of Fondazione ONLUS (acronym for non-profit organization of social utility).
Pier Michele Borra

After much work over the past few years, the process for the statutory renewal of the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza has finally come to an end and to the establishment of the status of ONLUS Foundation.

In fact, as of July 1st, the Italian Revenue Agency has entered the foundation in its records granting it the specific fiscal status of ONLUS. Last November 24th, the Prefecture of Bologna has written and accepted the statutory modifications that had become essential to obtain the change to the status of foundation. We are back to our original status of private foundation which maintains and specifies its purposes and objectives to comply to the new requirements in order to be in a position to satisfy, with flexible, efficient and timely services, the emerging demands of Italian persons living with vision loss.

The simplification of rules and procedures for the appointment of the new Board of Directors and the reduction and streamlining of bureaucratic procedures required for all our activities should increase the effectiveness of our operations and hence give us the opportunity to better respond to our clients' needs. Finally, the status of non-profit organization should allow us to free up a portion of our resources to be used to further improve the quality of our services through innovation and development for blind and visually impaired people.

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