Do You Feel Confidence?

“Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the right which opens the door.” (Paulo Coelho)
Irene Schiff

It's true: we live in a historical period full of uncertainty; it's hard to know what the future will be like and not just a distant future, sometimes we can't even plan for the nearest future, next month, next weekend. However, this does not take away the possibility, the hope, the duty to build it because we are building the future, starting now, and to do so we need to have faith. An old advertisement said: “Trust is serious business, and it has to be given to serious things.” It is important to recognize the qualities, the reliability of the other person or object. Trust is divided into two parts: trust in others to have the skills we desire and trust in ourselves to be able to choose the right people. Sometimes this trust is lacking, disappointments growing. People who have hurt us, betrayed us, our failed experiences. We get hurt and eventually we even get tired of getting hurt, we get tired of smiling, we even get tired of being angry. Or we were the ones who betrayed the trust of others. We did it unknowingly or on purpose, but we did it. Then we were sorry and either apologized or justified and forgave ourselves. But whether we have faith or not, life goes on and so do we. It is up to us to let ourselves be swept along by the current or to be protagonists of change. We will always encounter some obstacle in our path, small or large, but it will happen. It is not the obstacle itself but how we react to that obstacle that can change our lives and the lives of the people around us.



1) What is your favourite sentence

a) the world cannot end today because in Australia it’s already tomorrow

b) the second possibility is called tomorrow

c) because tomorrow may never come


2) Positive means

a) being optimistic

b) a number above zero

c) being sick with Covid


3) You associate the word “relationship” with

a) work 

b) love

c) link between two things


4) Someone offers you an interesting job, but you have no experience, you

a) get involved a lot

b) accept with doubts

c) refuse it


5) The Covid virus

a) will disappear by itself

b) they will find a vaccine for all forms of Covid

b) they will find a different vaccine for each form of Covid


6) You have an inexperienced young colleague

a) you will adapt to each other

b) you ask for someone with more experience

c) you transfer your experience to them


7) They advertise a new soft drink; do you think

a) it’s like the others

b) I’ll try it right away

c) if it happens, I’ll try it


8) What do you associate with the word “apple”

a) New York

b) a computer

c) Adam and Eve


9) What is your favourite proverb

a) what goes around comes around

b) unity makes strength

c) working in a team is difficult but the results are better


10) What do you associate with the word “future”

a) progress

b) Italian grammar

c) something distant


11) A 9-year-old boy is sad because one of his balloons popped, you

a) offer him another one

b) explain the laws of physics

c) say he shouldn’t be sad because of a balloon


12) One of your friends has great success

a) you feel envious

b) he deserves this success

c) you ask how he achieved this


13) Tomorrow is another day

a) it will be like the others

b) it will be better than today

c) there will be another problem


14) The word “first” makes you think of

a) the opposite of after

b) a show

c) the winner of a competition


15) You must go to work but you don’t feel like it

a) the sooner you start, the sooner you finish

b) you stay home

c) you’ll find something interesting in your work



Question A B C

1) 2 3 1

2) 3 2 1

3) 2 3 1

4) 3 2 1

5) 1 3 2

6) 3 1 2

7) 1 3 2

8) 2 3 1

9) 1 3 2

10) 3 2 1

11) 2 3 1

12) 1 2 3

13) 2 3 1

14) 3 2 1

15) 2 1 3






Your windows of trust are wide open because you want to have and give hope to people and events. Even though you’ve had your share of difficulties, you don’t beat yourself up. In fact, they give you even more reason to roll up your sleeves and look ahead. You want to learn from every disappointment you experience, so change means something important and positive to you.




Maybe you’ve had strong disappointments, maybe you’ve trusted the wrong people. But in this case, did you make the mistake in choosing people or is it those people who, through various circumstances, let you down? You do, however, have the courage to try again. Open and close your windows on trust as appropriate: you’ll be more careful, you’ll look harder for the right people or give more appropriate tasks to more appropriate people, but you want to try again.




You thought you knew someone and then found out you didn’t know them at all. You have experienced strong disappointments that have hurt you and made you close in on yourself. In the future you want to be more careful. Have you thought though about how many things you can lose for fear of having more disappointments? True, closed windows protect you but, on the other hand, they prevent you from enjoying what’s outside! At least, try opening the windows!


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