You don't wait for a better day, you create it.
Irene Schiff

Change is normal and necessary. Everything changes: the evolution of species, historical periods, and us from the very first moment we are conceived. Everything does change, but, usually, over time, millennia, centuries, years or even hours. But things take time. What is happening now, with the pandemic, has shocked everyone both by the severity of the situation and by its speed. People did not have time to prepare themselves mentally and psychologically. We reorganized our work environment with smart working, distance learning, online shopping, as well as our social lives with friends and family with Zoom happy hours. Were we ready for these changes and these new ways of doing things? Changing our way of thinking is difficult, for some more than others. To express that to change one's thinking is challenging,


John Kenneth Galbraith, the economist put it this way: "Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof." From an economic thinking to an old prayer, here is: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." Some think that crises, sooner or later, will pass with time. What if we were the ones going through the crises and through this time? History teaches us that after every dark period, there have been great changes and shifts in mentality, some form of renewal, indeed of significant transformation. In this next phase of renewal, do you think you can be a protagonist or a participant, or do you fear that you do not have enough strength and motivation for these changes?


The phrase "Time for Change" written in the sand



1) You get a notice to pick up a parcel at the post office which you were not expecting; you are

a) worried

b) curious

c) happy


2) You have to give a gift to a person you don't know very well

a) a plant

b) an object for the home

c) a food product


3) You are undecided about how to carry out a task, you

a) ask someone for help

b) find a tutorial on the Internet

c) try to do it by yourself


4) A good position opens up at the office, but one of the possible candidates is recommended by someone

a) it's useless to even try

b) you go for it anyway, we never know

c) you prepare yourself and go ahead


5) You are obviously wrong, you

a) admit it

b) change the subject

c) deny what's obvious


6) A person who has hurt you in the past is now in a bind

a) well, too bad so sad

b) that doesn't change what he's done to me

c) maybe he'll learn to do better next time


7) A wardrobe door is broken and in a year's time you have to move, you

a) immediately buy a new wardrobe

b) try to fix it

c) wait and leave it as it is; you'll buy a new one when you move to the new house


8) Your friends

a) respect you

b) appreciate you

c) imitate you


9) You more easily lose

a) an object

b) the right opportunity

c) your patience


10) Thinking about past years, you

a) are satisfied

b) could have done better

c) think they could have helped you more


11) There is a purchase you would like to make; you don't really need it and it's a bit expensive, you

a) don't buy it

b) buy it but you feel guilty

c) buy it, we only live once


12) Someone is sharing a secret, you

a) tell another friend

b) tell a few friends

c) don't tell anyone


13) You are invited on a guided excursion to a cave, you

a) turn it down

b) accept enthusiastically

c) accept but are worried


14) To have a hobby is

a) an enjoyable passion

b) a must

c) a waste of time


15) "Tomorrow is another day" means

a) more sacrifices than pleasure

b) sacrifices and pleasure

c) more pleasure than sacrifices



Speleologist at the entrance of a cave


Question A B C
1) 1 2 3
2) 3 1 2
3) 2 1 3
4) 1 2 3
5) 3 2 1
6) 1 2 3
7) 2 3 1
8) 1 2 3
9) 3 1 2
10) 3 2 1
11) 1 3 2
12) 2 1 3
13) 1 3 2
14) 2 3 1
15) 1 2 3

Letters in wood forming the word "Change"





"Who stops is lost" is a phrase you have made your own because you think it represents you. The world changes and you not only try to adapt, but you also try to actively participate in these changes by getting involved and trying to involve others.




Let's face it: you would much prefer do a little less. Any change, regardless of the reason, brings you concern and anxiety. Even if you think the situation before the pandemic was not optimal, at least you were used to it. Now things are changing all the time and you realize that you have to adapt anyway, if only because not doing so would lead to worse results.




You don't like to change your habits because they give you a sense of security. When the changes are monumental, as in the case of a global pandemic, your resistance is even greater. Try lowering your resistance and adapting to change. It will be useful and perhaps less difficult than you think.


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