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Beyond the Desert
New frontiers
by Alberto Borghi

Current Events
Darkness in the Movie Theatre
by Silvia Colombini
As Chance Would Have It
by Matteo Stefani
We Are The First... And The Last
by Rodolfo Cattani
The Prefect of Bologna
by Alberto Borghi
Let's Ride on Solidarity
by Alberto Borghi

The Curtain Rises
by Maria Chiara Mazzi

Give Your Life a Tone
by Federico Bartolomei
Control and Nutrition for a Healthy Sight
by Federico Bartolomei
Dog Fitness
by Mario Barbuto

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Irene Schiff
Flash Back
by Antonio Marchello
Green Bologna
by Paola Emilia Rubbi
In Memory of Dafne
Editorial Staff

Friends of Cavazza
Honorary Committee

Editorial Staff
Paola Emilia Rubbi

Chief Editor:
Antonio Marchello

Editorial Secretary:
Maura De Angelis

Mario Barbuto, Federico Bartolomei, Alberto Borghi, Pier Michele Borra, Rodolfo Cattani, Maurizio Cocchi, Silvia Colombini, Ernesto Dini, Maria Chiara Mazzi, Irene Schiff

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Picture - Carla Perrotti in the desert

Poster of the film Scent of a Woman