As Chance Would Have It

by Matteo Stefani

Riding a horse: the emotions provided by speed and a free mind.

It all began when I was offered to participate in a green week, riding a horse at Aias Sport, funded by the Istituto Francesco Cavazza in the framework of project C.I.F.R.A. Right away I was enthusiastic about it and agreed immediately to participate.
In a few days I learned to move around independently in the ring, counting the horse's steps, making it turn, stop and move forward by using the legs and reins.
At the end of the week, all of us kids expressed the desire to continue riding all through the year.
Our wish was granted and we were able to attend weekly riding lessons at Aias Sport. Thanks to these lessons, we were able to improve our stability and our knowledge of the ring and we even overcame a few of our fears. The year after that we continued the experience. In particular, we learned to trot which was for me extremely gratifying because I experienced the feeling of great speed. Unfortunately, during two years I was not able to ride a horse except during the summer

Picture - Matteo Stefani next to his horse

Picture - Matteo Stefani training on his horse

during green weeks.
At the end of green week last summer, I was offered to integrate a sports group at Aias Sport.
I decided to take the whole summer to think about it and at the end I chose to say yes.

So this year, I started riding again. It was better yet: I began to carry out more demanding and therefore more satisfying exercises like circles and diagonals at the trot, taking the right direction following only the instructor's voice.
In this period of the year, I should prepare for a few competitions; only the idea of that stimulates me even more to continue training.
To me, riding a horse is an excellent opportunity to let out my desire to move and the opportunity to relax my mind. In fact, while I am concentrating on riding the horse, I think of nothing else even if, when I return home, I have to finish my homework.

Picture - Matteo Stefani riding his horse