Flash Back

by Antonio Marchello

The agile and quick novel "Vedere Oltre" by Marcello Aiello, flash of lightning of the memory that is reflecting in our present.

Three lives, three existences that collide, intertwine and unravel. And when resolving itself, it leaves on each one an indelible imprint.
Professor Mingozzi, revolutionary Giulio and Daniela. The professor and Giulio have in common the Resistance, the former has experienced it, and the latter imagines it. The professor represents the memory of a heroic more than a utopian recent past. The revolutionary imagines himself part of a near future that is more utopian than heroic, if it is true that its fulfilment is assigned to a few chosen ones plotting in the shadow and striking treacherously.

Daniela is a woman. She falls in love with Giulio. She leads him by the hand in her world made of things that are precise and concrete: the invitation for dinner; the introduction to her parents, their love-making.
That's "Vedere Oltre", the novel that the author has sent our magazine and we wish to thank him. That is what I can tell. It is now up to you, readers, to enter his adventure to have a taste of its ambience, to reflect on its meaning.