In Memory of Dafne

We wish to publish this poem by Dafne Bosi, who passed away prematurely, to let others know about her energy, her surprising vitality and her availability to others.
Despite the unexpected severe disease that deprived her of her sight when she was 10 years old, despite the pain and anguish with which she experienced the confusion in her own life and that of her family, Dafne never lost her desire to learn, and continued with tenacity to fight in order to reorganize her world of perceptions and affections with an astonishing capacity of involvement and communication.
We went through with her a most intense experience. We tried to teach her some things, but we learned so much from her instead: most of all, that life is always worth living.

All of this cannot and must not be lost.

In my dream I am a

In my dream I am a butterfly flying lightly into the blue sky,
a fish with thousands of colours swimming in the deep and wide ocean,
skipping on the clouds, sliding on the rainbow,
Climbing on the shell of a gigantic turtle,
flying in the dark blue sky like a carefree bird,
walking on the moon like an astronaut.
In my dream I am in command of my life
and I spend entire days playing with Rita
who is my best friend.
In the world I have invented for myself
life is a hearty laugh:
I am walking on my hands with my head upside down
where my feet should be and if I bump into my mommy she tells me
"it is all right if you don't see!"

Picture of Dafne

September 27, 1993
November 20, 2008