A Community on the Road Beyond Barriers

"To ensure that everyone can unlock their human potential and fulfill themselves as a person." This is the primary objective of the Municipal Administration of Bologna.
Lucilla Boschi

Marco Lombardo is Councillor for Accessibility for the Municipality of Bologna, along with many other duties of similar importance. He was the promoter of Bologna's nomination to the European Access City Award, which was a means - one might almost say a driving force - to initiate a participatory method to build a new model of city that involves persons with disabilities, businesses, professionals, and the broad economic and social fabric of the territory. A path, which began with the appointment of the Disability Manager, allowing the structure of an innovative project methodology with a holistic approach enabling the community to overcome barriers, primarily those of invisible prejudices. The primary objective of the administration in this perspective should be to ensure that everyone can reach their human potential and be fulfilled as a person.


Marco Lombardo on the stage for the presentation of the project "Bologna Beyond Barriers" - Bologna

The city of Bologna did not win the European Access City Award, not this time, but the nomination allowed for the selection of 35 projects, each of which Lombardo, supported by the Disability Manager and his staff, is dedicating himself to in order for Bologna to win the next edition of the award.


Marco Lombardo recently published a letter on the Resto del Carlino, dedicated to the theme of ethics and digitalization, based on a conversation he had with Luciano Floridi. What emerges strongly is the challenge in the field in matters of equality implied by the access to digital skills, an even more important reflection now that the pandemic has expedited the digital transition process. In this regard, Lombardo identifies precisely in the Limitless Project the ability to address the challenge of longevity on the ground of equality.


What shines through strongly throughout my chat with Lombardo is a man who has made his own the dream of a city that is able to include as ordinary the path of accessibility, thus making it easier for all people to pursue their talents and desires.


The goal is even broader, as is the dream: to support new projects every year and to keep alive the participatory process towards a city that is increasingly able to go beyond all barriers.


"Digital innovation can only be effective and able to truly impact the lives of citizens if it is inclusive. Initiatives like the Limitless Project are so important in making sure that the digital innovation process is accessible to everyone, easily and immediately."


Elena Gaggioli, Councillor of the Municipality of Bologna in charge of the Digital Agenda

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