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When the crisis is challenging us.
Irene Schiff

The coronavirus pandemic has had, and still has various consequences. Even if the lockdown is over, it still puts a strain on all of us. We are not talking about the effects on the economy, which are very important, but on the family, the couple and single people. On days of forced confinement, in homes a joke was circulating: "When this is over, there will be a great demand for dieticians, psychologists and divorce lawyers." Is it just a joke or does it hide some truth? Dieticians? Of course, in the lockdown, many got busy with the preparation of various foods. It kept us busy, it was a way of being and doing something together. On a psychological level, additionally, food provides a sense of security and of socialization, sharing. It has therefore compensated, at least in part, for the insecurities and loneliness of those moments. Psychologists or divorce lawyers? A lot of time spent at home, as a couple, as a family or as a single person, in spaces that are not always sufficiently convenient, each with their own needs, concerns, hopes. There are those who have felt freedom transformed into loneliness, those who, as couples, have connected even more and those who, on the other hand, thought they had more differences than hopes. After some time, what effects is this having? Indeed, crisis among couples have increased and are still increasing. Yet for the ancient Greeks, crisis had indeed the meaning of separation, of criticism, but also of positive criticism. For the Native Americans and the Chinese, two populations as distant as longitude and mentality, crisis also means "starting point." We can therefore see the crisis as falling off a cliff or as saying "Okay, things are not going well: let's roll up our sleeves."


And you? What do you think?





1) Among these historical phrases, which do you prefer

a) Paris is well worth a mass

b) The Empire on which the sun never sets

c) Vile poltroon, you murder a dead man


2) A useful friend is

a) a doctor

b) a plumber

c) an accountant


3) In a crime novel, you would like to be

a) the main suspect who in the end is innocent

b) the detective

c) the author


4) Songs often talk about love because

a) they make us dream

b) it sells

c) there is little imagination


5) Millionaira wants to marry Uncle Scrooge because

a) she is only interested in his money

b) she is really in love

c) it is a matter of pride


6) Millionaira succeeds in marrying Uncle Scrooge

a) they live a beautiful love story

b) she becomes stingy like him

c) he enjoys life spending a bit of money


7) The best revenge is to

a) forget

b) pay them back with their own coin

c) have a lot of success

Hiker on a mountain top

8) You would like to write a book about the importance of

a) economy

b) literature

c) peace


9) You won a trip for one person only

a) with my partner or nothing

b) finally some time all by myself

c) you leave but reluctantly


10) Fall is

a) the end of summer

b) the approaching winter

c) a season like the others


11) You hear of someone that 'he's taken a lot,' you think

a) about the goals conceded by a soccer team

b) about the punishment of a capricious child

c) the consequences of a punitive expedition


12) You could have a lot of money from your parents and your siblings would not know about it, you

a) are tempted

b) take it all

c) share with your siblings


13) A very unpleasant person asks you a favour; it would be important for them and would not cost you anything, you

a) make them wait

b) refuse

c) do the favour but ask for something in return


14) To make the hiccups go away, it is better

a) to drink a lot of water

b) to have a scare

c) to wait until it goes away


15) What do you think motivates an alpinist to climb a mountain?

a) a dream

b) courage

c) a challenge



Question A B C

1) 2 3 1

2) 2 3 1

3) 1 2 3

4) 3 1 2

5) 1 3 2

6) 3 1 2

7) 3 1 2

8) 1 2 3

9) 3 1 2

10) 2 1 3

11) 3 2 1

12) 2 1 3

13) 3 1 2

14) 3 1 2

15) 2 3 1

Couple kissing with masks





This is a difficult time for many, couples or singles, and it is even harder for some. But you think that to be depressed is useless. You believe instead that you need to re-evaluate the positive sides of every situation and this helps you and spurs you on. Difficulties bring out the best part in you and your commitment is giving results.




When the going gets tough, the tough guys start playing. That being said, it's a real help for you. There are difficult moments and perhaps you fear that others may come. In some moments you have doubts about your abilities, about the goals you set yourself but then you take a breath, physically and psychologically. You roll up your sleeves and, albeit with gritted teeth, you smile again.




The difficulties seem too much for you and you let yourself down. You no longer believe in love or, if you are single, you think that only having a partner can get you through this period. Love can be a disaster or a huge help; the true strength is within you. Look for it or start building it but don't let it get you down: improving is always possible.

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