Antonio Quatraro: A Blind Man Able to Look Far Into the Future

Forward-looking, creative, tireless: A model to remember and follow so that the future becomes a better place for all.
Silvia Colombini

Antonio Quatraro has always had the ability to see beyond the physical limitations imposed by his condition. Although he was blind from birth, his forward-looking vision enabled him to anticipate the future. Energetic, lively, intelligent, from a young age he distinguished himself with initiatives in favour of human dignity and individual fulfillment. Classical studies, diploma in piano, bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy: a background in humanities that did not prevent him from engaging with technological breakthroughs. In the late 1970s, ahead of his time, he was the person in charge for the Tuscany Region in coordinating institutions for the blind as part of the Regional Centre for the Production and Distribution of Educational and Cognitive Materials for the Blind, established by the Emilia-Romagna Region at the Cavazza Institute. A keen creativity and a big heart prompted him, over time, to pursue other important projects. It is thanks to his efforts if, today, especially in his adopted homeland of Tuscany, where he spent many years as the Blind Italian Union’s Regional President, many things are accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. From museums like Uffizi to health services, from technological opportunities to city planning interventions, Antonio Quatraro has made available culture, humanity, and commitment to carry out projects in the service of others. Then, one night in March 2022, at only 76 years old, Antonio passed away in his sleep, leaving in sorrow not only family members, but also the whole community which has always found in him a reference point. His ability to value each individual’s differences, making them assets and not shortcomings, makes him a forerunner of issues such as inclusion that is at the centre of modern debate today. Without rhetoric, with a generous heart and indomitable spirit, Antonio Quatraro will remain a model to remember and follow so that the future becomes a better place for all.


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