Musical Wonder

Music expresses what cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. (Victor Hugo)
Irene Schiff

It is not easy to talk about music and the psychology of music. What area of psychology does music belong to? Art therapy, psychomotor therapy, psychology of perception and, in particular, acoustic perception? It cannot be pigeonholed; it is above any category because it can encompass them all and go beyond. Everyone may experience it differently and yet, it is a universal phenomenon: there is no society that has not produced music. It can be composed, studied, listened to, played, danced to, sung along, alone or with others. Of course, there is a difference between strumming an instrument or playing in an orchestra, between singing in the shower and in a choir, between moving about and dancing. Without going into the specific study of sound such as pitch, intensity, timbre … which we leave to expert musicians and musicologists, we could say that we perceive music as the sounds that create emotions. We remain in a vague concept though because even noises can produce emotions when they are annoying, negative emotions. When we speak of musical wonder, we think of positive effects: Beethoven said, “Where words leave off, music begins.” Everyone may or may not like different genres of music, of dance at all, but this does not weaken but rather enriches music even more because it further testifies to its versatility. There are those who live for music and those who love silence. Nothing is wrong. Or perhaps silence is also music?



1) The word “desire” derives from “stars.” It comes from

a) an astronomer

b) a dreamer

c) a navigator


2) Imagine boats in a port, they are

a) arriving

b) leaving

c) moored


3) To serve means

a) to be subject to

b) to help

c) to be necessary


4) You hear the word “stock,” you think about

a) provisions

b) shares

c) boredom


5) Of the holidays you remember

a) daily life

b) difficult times

c) beautiful times


6) There is a course of study you like but it’s very demanding, you

a) sign up and complete it

b) sign up and then see

c) give up


7) When you hear the word “hunt,” you think about

a) a musical form

b) a prey

c) the discovery of a treasure


8) Imagine a flat geometric figure, you think about

a) a square

b) a triangle

c) a circle


9) Courageous people are

a) reckless

b) generous

c) bold


10) A person is getting married for a third time

a) this one will fail like the first ones

b) it will work this time

c) why is that person getting married again?


11) Your home is small, but your hobbies take up a lot of room, you

a) find the place anyway

b) give up on your hobbies

c) give up on some of your hobbies


12) The person you want to live with is bothered by your hobbies, you

a) give up on your hobbies

b) continue enjoying them

c) find some kind of middle ground


13) Someone you love has wronged you unfairly, in the future you will

a) forget about it all

b) forget about that person

c) not forget about the hurt or that person


14) You hear the word “seconds”, you think about

a) eating in a restaurant

b) a silver medal

c) a measure of time


15) Dreamers are people who are

a) inconsistent

b) sentimental

c) innovative




Question A B C

1) 1 3 2

2) 2 3 1

3) 1 2 3

4) 3 2 1

5) 2 1 3

6) 3 2 1

7) 2 1 3

8) 2 1 3

9) 2 3 1

10) 1 3 2

11) 3 2 1

12) 1 2 3

13) 3 2 1

14) 1 2 3

15) 1 3 2






You have music in your blood; you like to listen to it often, sing, dance and maybe play some instruments. Perhaps you were brought up with music or perhaps you began appreciating it as an adult. Whatever the case, music is part of your life. Classical music, dancing music, the blues or rock music, rhythm is within you.





You don’t dislike listening to music and when friends suggest it, you go to concerts or clubs or join in with some singing, but if it were up to you … the others would have to wait a while. You may have started playing an instrument and you may still own it, but it remains in a corner of your house. Sometimes, you say: “When I have time, I’ll get back to it and play it,” but then when does that time ever come?




“THE SOUND OF SILENCE” (Simon and Garfunkel)

Maybe you were hurt. You have different interests, but music is not one of them. You listen to it but you don’t feel it is yours. Perhaps you are too busy, or you like to relax in other ways because music, singing or dancing are not your favourite. A passion for music is not a must, the important thing is to have various interests and to have fun in your leisure time.



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