Guiding Wind and Sun

by Alberto Borghi

The second edition of Blue Week -- a course for aspiring sailors -- has ended.


In the December 2007 edition, we wrote about the special moments some young people experienced on board of a sailboat. Let us bring you up to date on the 2008 edition of “Blue Week”.
The initiative promoted by the Istituto Cavazza and the Italian Blind Union, Rimini chapter, is without a doubt an excellent one. The young lucky junior seamen experienced strong emotions that can have an impact on their everyday life which is what the organizers of the event hope.
“Blue Week” was taped on a video presenting the accounts of the course participants in real interviews.
And so, Marco, Francesco, Elena, Giulia, Matteo, Giulio, Titti, Luca, Debora and Camilla tell us that it is possible to steer a sailboat by “simply” using the hearing in order to be able to perceive the direction of the wind.


And the sun on one's face remains the best route indicator in spite of any piece of technology which necessitates more complex and less tangible interpretation! How did the kids learn the “tricks of the trade”?
Well, the skipper only let the boat veer on herself until the young sailors came to a decision and recognized the correct route to follow, steering themselves.
Of course, the midshipmen first had to learn the basics of navigation. So, in the interviews, they were able to show off their new knowledge, the names of the winds and the components of the sailboat, which is absolutely necessary at all times,

Foto - Dettaglio della barca a vela

from the moment the sailboat sets out until she comes back to port. Eventually, they worked with great commitment and were able to rise to the challenge brilliantly also thanks to the team's work that made the experience so gratifying.
Since “Blue Week” was such a success, there will more editions in the future. For those who will not be able to participate next summer, the Istituto Cavazza has put the video on its website:


Foto - Barca a vela in navigazione