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Beyond the Limits
Colors in Black and White
by Silvia Colombini

Current Events
Heads or Tails

by Alessandro Bergonzoni
From the Point of View to the Point of Being
by Loretta Secchi
A Week at the Helm

by Alberto Borghi
Poetics of Transiency
by Loretta Secchi
The Future Can't Wait
by Rodolfo Cattani
A Quality Product to Touch with Your Hands

by Alberto Borghi
Speaking about Art
by Loretta Secchi

Ferrara: City of Culture and Music
by Maria Chiara Mazzi

Posture and Visual System

by Federico Bartolomei
Our Friend the Sun
by Federico Bartolomei

From Receiving to Giving
by Irene Schiff
Annibale and Olive Trees
by Paola Emilia Rubbi
From Walking to Trotting
by Irene Schiff

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