Local Government Involved in Schooling
and Training
Beatrice Draghetti

Exams are Never Over...
Federico Bartolomei

Musical Traveller in Bologna:
Charles Burney

Maria Chiara Mazzi

Extracurricular Activity
Pier Michele Borra

An Evening Meal at the Istituto Cavazza
Alberto Borghi
A Technology Help Centre at Cavazza
Ernesto Dini
Friends of "Cavazza"
European Year of Persons with Disabilities
Walter Baldassari
Dinner in the Dark
Irene Schiff

Universal Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Rodolfo Cattani

Sunglasses: Not Only a Fashion Item
Federico Bartolomei
The Telephone:
Indispensable or Overwhelming?

Irene Schiff

Artificial Retina
Renato Meduri

Timeless Villages
Paola Rubbi

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