And it has never been so true: the sight prevention program “LIGHT EYES”, promoted in schools by the Istituto Cavazza and the CARISBO Foundation, was enthusiastically received by students and parents alike.

Federico Bartolomei

On the third day of February 2003, took off  the sight prevention program, called LIGHT EYES, in Bologna's elementary schools.
The project, which involves 55 schools and a total number of 10,500 students, was planned and coordinated by the Cavazza Institute for the Blind and the CARISBO Foundation. This program stems from the project C.I.F.R.A., following an agreement with Bologna's Administrative Service Centre.
The proposed service is completely free and offers an eye exam screening including: visual acuity exam, binocular vision exam, and chromatic vision test.
Introduction to elementary school may in fact bring on in some children a significant worsening of their visual faculties. Such condition may throw off balance potentially latent abnormalities, which would otherwise not be detected, but which can disturb normal visual capabilities to the point of negatively impacting on the students' concentration and diligence with reduced school performance. From this experience, the importance of a systematic control in early age clearly emerges so that potential sight problems are detected and treated. 
The results obtained during this project will be used for a study, providing clear census data of Bologna's elementary school population.
Students and parents have both favorably welcomed this initiative, which has been entirely supported by teachers and school administrators who have provided their full collaboration.