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Beyond... Any Barrier
Education and Disability
by Ivano Dionigi

Current Events
A Marriage: Memories of Avati in Bologna
by Silvia Colombini
In San Diego, on the Pacific Coast
by Mario Barbuto
Touching Art
by Loretta Secchi
The eBook Revolution
by Francesco Levantini
From Assistance to Active Citizenship
by Alberto Borghi
European Parliament of Disabled People
by Rodolfo Cattani

Genetically Transmitted Eye Diseases
by Federico Bartolomei
Health Education
by Federico Bartolomei


Marianna von Martines
by Maria Chiara Mazzi

What Is This Crisis Anyway?
by Irene Schiff
Bologna's Galvani Secondary School
by Paola Rubbi

Showdown: Third Edition of the Two-Tower Tournament
by Alberto Borghi
Fifth National Braille Day
by Alberto Borghi

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Picture - Ivano Dionigi

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Picture - Mario Barbuto at CSUN


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