New Year's Eve. How is yours?

by Irene Schiff

A mixture of emotions, feelings and desires. It is a celebration that unites numerous nations and various traditions.

There is a celebration which, at exactly the same moment, unites numerous nations, even with various traditions, a celebration where it seems a must to be among people, laughing and having a good time? It is most likely New Year's Eve. Do we feel obligated to participate in this festivity, or is it an occasion to get ready, all dressed up, at least for an evening, to go out and leave our worries at home? The kiss under the mistletoe, the fireworks... are they to be looked forward to, to be accepted or to be put up with? Of course there is not only one answer; it is a mixture of emotions, feelings and desires that linger all year long and that spontaneously arise before the first strike of midnight. That there is a lot to celebrate or not does not depend only on world events, most of all, it depends on us. It is true that Lucio Dalla sings "the coming year will be over in a year" but it is up to us to fill up our days with our actions, our emotions and our life. The New Year's party can be experienced as we think it best, without obligations or restrictions. No one obligates or forbids us to buy a lotery ticket, but if we do, we allow ourselves to dream and make plans. And you, how would you like to spend your New Year's Eve?

Test: New year, new life?

1) Where would a snowman like to live?
a) in the snow
b) in the warmth, without thawing
c) on another planet

2) A graduate can look forward to:
a) a life of precariousness
b) tiredness and successes
c) simple possibilities

3) New year:
a) caution
b) welcoming it with open arms
c) what will be will be

4) The Holidays have left you with a few extra pounds:
a) you make a reservation in a beauty farm
b) you go on a diet beginning Monday
c) you are fine like that too

5) On New Year's Eve, you would like to be by yourself:
a) you go out because you are afraid of getting depressed
b) you go out to avoid comments from people you know
c) you stay at home by yourself

6) Number 3:
a) is the perfect number
b) comes after 2
c) comes before 4

7) Santa Claus' deers are happy because:
a) they only work one day a year
b) they are the fastest animals in the world
c) they have a good boss

8) A New Year's Eve dinner is great when:
a) you take two days to prepare it
b) you take two days to digest it
c) it's original


9) You are thinking about yourself and water. You imagine:
a) that you drink it
b) that you swim in it
c) yourself under the rain with an umbrella

10) Whoever offers a gift:
a) is happier than the person who receives it
b) is tired of shopping
c) expects one in exchange

11) A New Year's Eve without snow:
a) can hope for a snowy Epiphany
b) seems to be like a vanished coca cola
c) is very slippery

12) A friend did you wrong; at the time you make a toast you think:
a) a toast for everyone except him
b) about him; that the new year may bring him... things that are not so nice
c) about him; that the new year may bring him wisdom

13) Is the thought sufficient?
a) I think so
b) I dont' think so
c) don't even think about it!

14) You make a toast in:
a) plastic glasses; they are more practical b) beautiful glasses; it's a special occasion
c) ordinary glasses; what's important is what's in them

15) You prefer spending your birthday:
a) at home with your family
b) out with friends
c) as it happens

Question A B C

Question A B C
1) 1 3 2
2) 2 3 1
3) 1 2 3
4) 2 1 3
5) 2 1 3
6) 1 3 2
7) 3 2 1
8) 1 3 2
9) 1 3 2
10) 1 2 3
11) 3 1 2
12) 1 2 3
13) 3 2 1
14) 2 1 3
15) 1 2 3



If there is a party, you go, if there is none, it's fine too. You adapt to various occasions: to sparkling evenings; you too are scintillating; to quieter evenings, you have pleasant conversations with a few people or you enjoy a good time with a good book and a bit of background music if the circumstances, that you looked for or that just happened, made you stay at home by yourself. You don't act out of opportunism; you belive that if you feel good about yourself, you will feel comfortable anywhere.

Image - Christmas card

Image - New Year card

Picture - Christmas decorations with Santa Claus and his deers

Picture - Christmas gift


You can be nonconformist if you choose or even organize parties where everything is a surprise, with no rules, even if it means that you will not go to parties because it is New Year's Eve and that is too obvious for you. It can be stressful to have a New Year's Eve and clinking toasts, but it can also be if you try to avoid them at all costs. Try to take these opportunities for what they are: you have nothing to prove to anyone or to yourself.


You are anxiously waiting for the "classic" holidays; you prepare them, you enjoy them before they arrive, you are fond of your memories and you think that the ambiance on these occasions is unique and unrepeatable. Every year you follow closely the same basic steps: happiness for New Year's Eve, surprise at Easter, gifts on birthdays. Sometimes you are disappointed because the others don't feel as you do the atmosphere appropriate to the date on the calendar. No one wants to take away from you the pleasure of the Holidays, but don't you think that other days of the year can be even more special opportunities even if they are improvised or because they in fact are improvised?