Green Week

by Irene Schiff

Vacation and horse riding, but not only that.

14. And the number of requests continues to rise. Fourteen indomitable (as far as their enthusiasm is concerned) riders wanting to experience Green Week over and over again, a vacation on horseback made possible thanks to the Istituto Francesco Cavazza and the Carisbo Foundation. Let us begin with the week reserved for the younger kids. Beyond the fundamental and therefore irreplaceable relational experience developing with the horse, the sense of orientation, of independence and of self-esteem, this summer the kids made a new four-legged friend, a friendly and patient big dog especially trained in the relationship with people with special needs. In exchange of a few cookies, this new friend sweetly let itself be fondled, petted, walked around to meet other two-legged friends without ever appearing to be tired or annoyed. On the contrary. The exchange of interest and affection was reciprocal! These activities, beyond being obviously pleasant and relaxing, had the objective of helping the development of the psycho-physiological skills mentioned above. Between an outing on horseback and the preparation of lunch for the dog, hearty appetites needed to be fed so our friends became skilful confectioners using the right ingredients and tools, flour, a rolling pin, moulds, and the will to do things, the results were finger (or paw)-linking good. The measures? For "technical" ingredients: until there is no more; for joy: in abundance.
Could there be fewer teenagers in the group? Certainly not!

This is what they had in store. Aside from the activities with the dog, they discovered the Spipola natural park. They went there by car (how much can they talk?) and walked with a guide discovering the various forms of vegetation, the perfumes of the officinal plants, the freshness of caves, the characteristics of rocks. They discovered the place once and went back a second time where they had to recognize the various species of vegetation and soil they had learned about the first time. Did they pass the "exam"? Of course they did!
We should say after so much exhaustion that they were absolutely famished. The kids, independently of the age factor, turned into skilful campers. They prepared the barbecue, cooked sausages, pounded in the tent pegs and said the magic words because some of them (the tent pegs, not the young riders) refused to do what they are meant to do, and finally the tents were put up and when night came, the Aiasport educators, who were trying to sleep, had to hush them so they could finally fall asleep, tucked in their sleeping bag abandoning themselves in the arms of Morpheus, the God of Dreams. The next day, as happened with their younger "colleagues", took place the horseback riding test in the presence of family and friends. They all demonstrated their high level of commitment and ability, and the older ones performed in individual exercises, in couples and in squads to the astonishment of all spectators.
In the pictures: happy times.

Picture - Child with a rolling pin

Picture - Girl riding a horse

Picture - Kids playing in the horse stable