"Playing and Seeing Clearly"

by Federico Bartolomei

Healthy cities for children. An initiative promoting health.

In the months of October and November, in Bologna, took place a series of activities dedicated to the promotion of health for children within the scope of the project "Healthy Cities for Children". The event, promoted by the City of Bologna (Social Coordination and Health Sector), Healthy Cities-Promotion of Wellbeing Office, involved the collaboration of the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza.
Given the lack of information and awareness of the importance of avoiding health risks, were developed in the area of Bologna a series of fun, creative, recreational and inclusive activities involving children, teens, parents and teachers in order to: inform, train and influence the adoption of positive behaviour for our wellbeing.
Fostering an appropriate lifestyle based on physical activities and healthy eating habits, providing greater knowledge about the impact of certain lifestyles, giving an impulse to the city-child relationship means improving the quality of life.
Activities linked to Healthy Cities for Children
Sala Borsa Ragazza
A snack in the dark
Wednesday, November 4th
and Sunday, November 22nd
Meeting/lab for the discovery of flavours only through taste and smell and the birth of new knowledge simply through voices.
Proposals of simple sensory experiences: recognize objects through touch, recognize sounds, reach a place with the help of sounds.
Sala Borsa Ragazzi
Navigating in the Dark
Thursday, November 19th, Friday, November 20th and Sunday, November 22nd
Conquering and discovering darkness: a journey in the dark in which children discover their ability to listen, touch, and

smell. It is time to play and be challenged by participating in a special treasure hunt in the dark.
Health Matters at the Farmacia Comunale Centrale
Let's see

Saturday, November 7th

Meeting opened to the public where visual health and prevention was discussed in all stages and contexts of the children's daily activities (school, sports, games and leisure activities).
Barca Sports Centre: Playing and Seeing Clearly
Healthy Cities for Children
Saturday, November 21st

Initiative related to health promotion explained to kids and their parents and the importance of never losing sight of the health of our eyes.

In an "optical-sports" context, various activities involved children aged 3 to 12.
Thanks to the participation of Polisportiva Atletico Torball Bologna, tournaments were organized and opened to everyone, disabled or not.
The event, supported by the City of Bologna, was organized in collaboration with the Istituto Cavazza, Uisp, Ascom Bologna's Association of Opticians and Optometrists and a few of the major companies in the field of optics: Acuvue, Johnson & Johnson, Hoya and Ala Service.
Image - Poster of Healthy Cities for Children