Farewell to Paolo Emilio Cavazza, with Consideration and Affection

by Paola Emilia Rubbi

The personal farewell of Vedere Oltre's Director, Paola Rubbi, to
Count Paolo Emilio Cavazza.

I like to remember you like this, Count Cavazza, as when we met years ago: I was a young columnist, sent on a task to a dinner meeting attended only by men, and you, an influential member of the Association that had organized the evening. You asked me to sit next to you and we had an extremely pleasant and friendly conversation in which cultured and compelling arguments alternated with enjoyable and interesting anecdotes and cordial confidence. Then we began calling each other Paolo Emilio and Paola Emilia which led to a sense of friendship.
Once in a while, I like to think about you when we met on the streets or during an official event: your kindness, your wit, your culture (always soft) and your good nature; your comments on current events, general or personal, expressed with elegance and - often - with humour, never presumptuous or dogmatic. It was easy to forget your titles and your responsibilities.

Even when you had a main role to play during ceremonies and various events.
In every occasion your humanity came through, your clear vision and also "sportive" vision of the world and of life, the pleasure of communicating and challenging with an utmost gentlemanly courtesy.
It is true: ours were always brief encounters; we did not have a relationship per se and probably - in fact: certainly others will have memories and impressions different than mine.
But I repeat - aware that my views and feelings are personal - I like to remember you this way and that is why, when I learned that I would never meet you again, I felt sincere regrets.
And that is also why to bid you farewell, I prefer to use a conversational tone rather than an official tone.
Farewell, with consideration and respect, Paolo Emilio Cavazza.

Picture - Count Paolo Emilio Cavazza.