Acusticamente 2009

by Vainer Broccoli

Radio Oltre proposes anew the emotions brought on by live music.

Last May, for the second year in a row, Radio Oltre, the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza's Web transmitter, organized a triad of musical events of high artistic level.
This idea came about at the end of winter 2008 when a series of concerts were organized at the Institute, thanks to Director Mario Barbuto as well as Giuseppe Pellegrino and Vainer Broccoli, with a simultaneous broadcast through Radio Oltre's servers. The main purpose of the event was to provide a different and vivacious image of persons living with vision loss and try and involve a city more and more sensitive to music. The first evening received a lukewarm welcome while the large audience of the third and last evening decidedly exploded with enthusiasm and postive comments on the part of participants.
In 2009, of course, it was suggested to repeat the experience, but this time with the collaboration and support of Bar Wolf, a historical venue in Bologna, for its underground musical panorama in the shadow of the two towers.
The event was once again organized by the duo Pellegrino-Broccoli with high profile Massimo Tagliata (blind jazz pianist and accordionist who completed his studies at the Istituto).
In the evenings of May 18, 21 and 24, on the Wolf floor, three groups literally bewitched the people who were there as well as online listeners.
The opening was dedicated to the Marea Jazz project by Tagliata who, for many years now, together with guitarist Andrea Dessė travel throughout Italy flirting with Flamenco and jazz influence. Together with Tagliata and Dessė, two other "monsters" to the rhythmic component were Max Turone (electric base) and Roberto Rossi at the drums.
The second evening was dedicated to a group of five musicians called Love is Blind, who came together in 2005, in collaboration with the local chapter of the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union of Bologna. For the occasion, at the Wolf, the following artists performed: Teo Ciavarella (holder of the chair of ensemble music of the University of Bologna's Arts, Music and Performance Program), piano jazz musician known at the national level, Max Tagliata, accordionist and flute player, Max Turone, double bass, Fabio Grandi, drums, and Flavio Piscopo (who is well known for having played with Toni Esposito, Joe Amoruso, Mia Martini and also with writer Gianfranco Nerozzi) on drums.

Of course, as is often the case, the last part of the evening was full of energy and enthusiasm thanks to Giuseppe Pellegrino's idea to play music from the 80s in acoustics and jazz.

The last evening, the following artists performed: Giuseppe Pellegrino at the piano, Max Turone, electric base, Roberto Rossi, drums, and finally, the two gems of the evening, Gabriele Bolognesi, sax, (ex orchestra of San Remo, first sax player for Adriano Celentano and Fiorello and now on tour with Patty Pravo) and Daniela Galli, very well known in Northern Europe, in France and from a summer tour with the Nomadi, a voice and a presence on stage that overwhelmed the people present.
The enthusiasm was also confirmed by the number of people who showed up: 400 people in three evenings. Special attention was given by organizers at the venue towards blind and visually impaired patrons who participated in the event.
It is now obvious that other ideas are expected relating to live music given the synergy created among those who organized the evenings.
Will there be some initiative taking place during the winter? What will the 2010 edition of Acusticamente have in store for us?
There is one way to find out, by listening to Radio Oltre, of course.

Image - Logo of discopub Wolf

Picture - Accordionist

Picture - Wind instruments

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