A Course Ending With a Surprise

by Pier Michele Borra

The course for telephone operators closed with Prefect Tranfaglia on graduation day.

On last May 13, in the hall Paolo Bentivoglio of the Istituto Cavazza, took place the graduation ceremony for telephone operator students of the 2008 school year program.
This initiative was ennobled with the presence of the Prefect of our City, Angelo Tranfaglia, who took the time in his busy schedule to participate in the modest graduation ceremony, demonstrating his availability and his sensitivity towards these students who had just completed their professional training course.

In renewing our gratitude to Prefect Tranfaglia for his fine presence, we wish to acknowledge that such attitudes and such availability represent the best way to create a sense of closeness between people and institutions, making them real and significant to all. Picture - The Prefect of Bologna Doctor Angelo Tranfaglia