A Life for the Institute

by Pier Michele Borra

At age 84, passed away Count Paolo Emilio Cavazza, guardian of the values of the Institute's founder
and precursor of rigorous and necessary transformations.

He became a member of the Istituto F. Cavazza's Board of Directors in 1959 and remained for 50 years a constant point of reference, always reaffirming and conveying the interest of the family of the Institute's founder.
In the Institution's times of crisis of the past decades, his presence had always brought everyone to focus on the respect and value of the conceptual, social and cultural objectives that had inspired the action of the Institute's founder.Picture - Arch entrance of the Istituto Cavazza
The radical changes imposed on the Institution based on the political and cultural choices of the country which, in the middle of the seventies, supported the school integration process of persons with disabilities, overcoming in that way the operative and organizational model of even the institutions for the blind, the resulting necessity to rethink the role, the structures and the activities of the institutions have brought him to contribute to the series of profound reflections involving the Istituto Cavazza

Picture - Fašade of the Istituto Cavazza

right at the beginning of the eighties in order to develop a new role as a service centre able to support the school integration process offering specific opportunities for the professional training of blind youth.
In these difficult times, the constant involvement of Count Paolo Emilio represented a solid point of reference for all those interested in a rigorous transformation of the organization always and exclusively offering services to Italians living with vision loss.
During the last years of this past century and at the beginning of this new one, as the Institute faced the necessity to innovate and simplify its structure in order to improve its efficiency and to respond to the new demands of blind people, the coherent presence of Paolo Emilio and his constant contribution have ensured

the necessary support of the founder's family during these times of change and adaptation as well as the certainty to maintain strong the inspiring principles of the Institute itself.
In the last renewal of the Board, Paolo Emilio Cavazza wanted his son to take his place also because of his health conditions.
The Board still involved with the institutional changes of the organization, considering the important role that Paolo Emilio had played in the past fifty years, is seriously thinking about a way to legate his name to the organization itself, binding and associating him to the founder of the Institution.