Letter-Chart Visual Acuity Testing

by Federico Bartolomei

It does not substitute a visit to the eye specialist but it is a means of educating about visual acuity testing.

The correct way to do the test is to stand at a distance of 3 meters from the chart which has to be positioned as high as the height of the face in an adequately-lit room.
The test has to be done one eye at a time by blocking the other eye with one hand.
If you wear glasses or contact lenses already, these have to be worn for the test.
The numbers at the right of the letters on the chart indicate the reading level reached.
If you are able to read down to the last line, your score is 10/10 which means that both of your eyes have good visual acuity. This does not mean however that your eyes are necessarily healthy; the presence of an eye disease is possible even with good vision.
For this reason, it is important to remember that this test is not a valid instrument to evaluate the health of your eyes; it is only a tool to empirically measure your eyesight. It cannot and should not be substituted for a visit to the eye specialist.

Image - Letter chart