NeroCioccoshow: Communicating Emotions

by Fabrizio Badiali

Pure awesomeness for the nose, the taste buds to the tips of the fingers.

As it has now been the custom for the past five years, the event called Cioccoshow was held from November 18th to 22nd and organized by the CNB Associazione of Bologna in collaboration with Bologna's Chamber of Commerce and Exhibition Services.
This event, which was held in the city's historical centre between Piazza Maggiore and the nearest squares, welcomed over one hundred chocolate makers who presented to Bolognese visitors their very special products made with chocolate.
CNA planned fringe activities around this initiative which involved creating awareness among visitors of the multiple influences of chocolate.
One of the events that raised without a doubt much interest was the NeroCioccoshow sponsored by

Picture - Liquid chocolate

by the Istituto Francesco Cavazza and Ecipar Bologna, which offers training on the CNA system, in collaboration with Bologna Fiere Servizi and Papilla Communication. NeroCioccoshow is an innovative project of experimental marketing exploring the relationship people have with brand names and with the values and emotions they communicate.
Visitors were invited in a completely dark environment where blind guides led groups of people in sensory exploring objects made of chocolate.
Without the use of sight, visitors had the opportunity to value the use of senses (touch, smell, taste, and hearing) through: olfactive influences, manipulations of objects, sampling and immersion in the dedicated acoustic space.
The Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza was also efficiently involved in the realization of this event, training visually impaired guides who were leading groups around the experimental tour and serving as information point on the objectives and content of this project.

Picture - Chocolate candies

Picture - Squared-shape chocolate candies

Image - Poster of the NeroCioccoshow event