Horse Riding and Vision Loss

by Irene Schiff

A horse's best friend.


Sports, socialization, orientation and cognitive development, love for animals and nature. That is what horseback riding during “Green Weeks” offers children and youth living with vision loss.

Foto - Particolare del cartellone costruito dai bambini

These bits and parts of a puzzle experienced in various ways and put together by participants shaped the event that took place last June at the G.E.S.E. ring and the Aiasport in San LazzarodiSavena.

The initiative, promoted by the IstitutoCavazza in collaboration with theCarisbo Foundation, allowed the participation of twelve kids, divided in two age groups, who enjoyed thoroughly the activities that took place during the week.
Children and youth took part in the activities they liked best whether it meant taking care of the horses, riding in the park, playing music, working on collage projects, and cooking (the cookies they prepared and baked were appreciated by all!). The younger group of participants even

Foto - I protagonisti delle “Settimane Verdi” dei ragazzi

created a poster of one of their horses in the paddock.
The material they used was found right on the spot, such as sand and leaves, except the horse's mane and coat because they did not find much collaboration with the interested party!
As for the rest, the activity continues to please everyone; the results are more than satisfying so... we'll see you next year!