What Animal Is Hiding in You?

by Irene Schiff

After 2000 years, we still compare animals to traits of character.

Numerous poets have written about animals to praise virtues and condemn vices which, as typical of some species as they may be, can be of relevance to the other animal named Man. For Esopus, Fedro, La Fontaine, Trilussa and others, the wolf is synonymous with aggressiveness, the fox with cunning, the lamb with purity, an innocent victim of others' misdeed. Even after 2000 years, we still compare animals to traits of character, even with today's touch. The lamb is still associated with tenderness, but if it is a sheep it becomes a sign of cowardice and second-ratedness, and the bad wolf, the protagonist of so many fables, was suppressed in honour of the ecological spirit.

Picture of a lamb

In publicity, an animal as a protagonist increases sales and a successful commercial spot a while ago with a tiger conveyed a sense of strength. In every day life, animals are present and sometimes essential, if we think of the dogs used by the police or for mountain rescuing, or those used by blind persons, or the horses for hippotherapy, and the list goes on.

Picture of a wolf

In many hospitals, small animals are being introduced and not only in pediatrics or geriatrics. These successful initiatives are bound to increase. Is there not a Saint only for them? Up to the time when we were a predominantly agricultural population with the shed next to our house (not so many generations ago!), on January 17, day dedicated to St. Antonio Abate, we would bring animals in church to have them blessed because, that day, animals did not work (or were not killed which was even more important to them!).
Is comparing someone to an animal a compliment or not? If we are told that we are "as agile as a gazelle or as graceful as a butterfly" that's fine, but when we hear that we "drink like a camel" or that "this child is like a donkey" or "clean like a little swine", it means that the compliment meter is going down. An animal can therefore represent a quality or a shortcoming. Which one is more representative of what we are?

Test: What animal is hiding in you?

1) You wake up and you are expecting:
a) tiredness
b) activities
c) beautiful things

2) Your idea is good but they don't want to recognize it:
a) you discuss with animosity
b) you find another way to dominate
c) you give up


Picture of a fox

3) What is your favourite day:
a) Tuesday
b) Thursday
c) Sunday

4) Your friends:
a) respect you
b) appreciate you
c) imitate you

5) You imagine a hen, you think:
a) a clutch of chicks
b) a farm
c) a good lunch

6) Your relatives say that you are too:
a) altruistic
b) selfish
c) sensitive

7) You more easily lose:
a) your keys
b) the right opportunity
c) your patience

8) You experience dislike for a colleague:
a) you openly tell him
b) you avoid him
c) you try to smooth out the situation

9) A couple has been married for 40 years, you think:
a) more pleasure than sacrifices
b) so much pleasure and so many sacrifices
c) more sacrifices than pleasure

10) If you could do it again, you would change:
a) a lot
b) a little
c) nothing

11) Two brothers are playing, you think:
a) they are having a good time
b) they will soon have a fight
c) they will soon stop

12) You are agitated and you have a pencil:
a) you break it
b) you gnaw it off
c) you turn it with your fingers

13) You are wronged by a colleague, your reaction is one of:
a) disappointment
b) revenge
c) anger

14) Your favourite blanket is:
a) a down bedcover
b) a traditional blanket
c) a thermoelectric blanket

15) To protect yourself from robbers in your home, you have:
a) armoured frames
b) an alarm system
c) guard dogs

Question A B C

1) 1 3 2
2) 2 3 1
3) 3 2 1
4) 3 1 2
5) 1 2 3
6) 3 2 1
7) 2 1 3
8) 3 1 2
9) 1 3 2
10) 3 2 1
11) 1 3 2
12) 3 2 1
13) 1 2 3
14) 1 2 3
15) 1 2 3


Hunting and dominating the territory are truly strong instincts in you, which rarely abate. If you set yourself an objective, you will not stop until you reach it. It is however useful to recall that though it is true that the tigre is the chief of its herd, without the herd, the tiger's worth is diminished.

A bit calculating, a bit spontaneous. Your behaviour adapts to people and circumstances that you meet because you know how to combine astuteness, courage and patience. Even if you can change yourself into a sweet stuffed animal, don't forget to also be a good hunter.

Love of habits, peace of mind and a bit of sentimentalism. These characteristics are present in you, sometimes you can be thought of as a little chick; however even those newly hatched birds have claws. Open your wings and remember that not all chicks become roosters, but that every rooster was one day a chick.

Picture of a tigre

Picture of a cat

Picture of a chick