Professionalism and Solidarity

by Federico Bartolomei

Donation by Salmoiraghi & Vigaṇ of an instrument for the Istituto Cavazza's Low Vision Centre.

The Istituto Cavazza's Low Vision Centre now has a new equipment which will improve rehabilitation and visual prevention activities. It is something put together by ophtalmologists, kindly donated by Salmoiraghi & Vigaṇ, a firm active for years in the field of solidarity. This donation is not in fact a new experience: years ago, the firm gathered funds for the restructuring of an ophthalmic hospital in Rwanda in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders. The only ophthalmic hospital was created in Monrovia, Liberia, thanks to the contribution offered to Christian Blind Mission International (Christian missions for the blind in the world); supporting the PIME (Papal Institution for Foreign Missions), it was able to give assistance to numerous children communities in the Third World.
More recently, thanks to a fund raising activity involving 290 sales points in Italy, it has funded, supported by CBM, a full year of schooling for the Nguyen Dinh Chieu of Hanoi in Vietnam, a school attended by a thousand children, 100 of them blind and visually impaired.

What type of services does
Salmoiraghi & Vigaṇ offer its own clientele and in particular persons with low vision?

Picture of Cooper Hospital Eye Center in Monrovia (Liberia) opened by Salmoiraghi & Vigaṇ.

"Salmoiraghi & Vigaṇ," explains Roberto Coppolino, Responsible of External Relations with Medical Staff, "has always been heedful of offering services which gratify the experience of purchasing glasses. The area dedicated to low vision in many of our sales points is spacious and presents optical tools that people can try free of charge and without commitment for purchase. The full time presence of a licensed optician guarantees continuous assistance and all our activities relating to low vision are done in coordination with the eye specialist and his or her specific recommandations."

And will you in the future remain attentive to our needs?
"Why, of course! The relationship has always been excellent, and our President, Ing. Dino Tabacchi, has always been opened to initiatives for providing assistance to people with special needs. Many organizations contact us in Italy or elsewhere but, with the Istituto F. Cavazza, I hope that it can be the beginning of a long relationship based on reciprocal consideration."