Dear Santa Claus, I Promise...

by Irene Schiff

"We are sometimes pursuing something, but often do not know what it actually is."

So many promises written in Christmas notes once! They were delicate and full of golden sparkles. The promises or the notesImage of an old manuscript? Both! "I promise Picture of a young boy thinkingto be good, to always do my homework, to obey my mom and dad" and in that moment we really believed it and gathered all our energies to reach our goals at least until the following day.
Then things changed, the little notes have almost disappeared, but good intentions have remained, at least some of them, caught up in the magical atmosphere of the Holidays. And even if the years have passed, good resolutions, at least those made during Christmas time, still have to them a sense of eternal youth. They have changed into objectives and strategies, terms definitely far less romantic, but the desire to change something, to improve oneself, influenced by the old ritual of changing the calendar, has remained the same. But, what do we want? What have the electric train and the walking doll been substituted with? FromPhoto of a Christmas decoration a job promotion or even more simply or importantly the necessity of finding a job; from the strange contradiction of wanting to lead the life of someone single to having a family, from hoping to have the winning lotery ticket; or from a desire to search for introspection; from the need for status symbols generating envy in others or from the need to do things for others; from the curiosity to discover new countries or regions near our home? Are these contradictions of this modern era or simply a need to experience the wavering feelings within us? What do men and women want today? What do young people and older adults want given that, as Seneca wisely said "nemo tam senex est, ut improbe unum diem speret" meaning that "no one is too old to be hoping for another day"?

Test: Tomorrow is there awaiting you! What are your resolutions for the year 2006?

1) "Life is a dream", this was said by someone who is:
a) pessimistic
b) optimistic
c) a sleepwalker

2) Would you like others to see you speak with:
a) soccer player Del Piero
b) the President of the Republic
c) singer Gianni Morandi

3) You realize you did something wrong:
a) you pretend that nothing happened
b) you are terribly ashamed
c) you make a joke

4) Someone bought a newspaper; what page will he or she read:
a) sports
b) business
c) front page

5) You arrive late to an appointment:
a) "I had to conclude some business"
b) "to excuse myself, I'll offer the drinks"
c) "I had an important meeting"

6) To infringe something is:
a) useful
b) wrong
c) exciting

7) Someone is talking about a very rare flower; you think:
a) "I wonder what it would smell like"
b) "I would like to have it"
c) "who would have it?"

8) You have met friendly people on vacation:
a) you keep in touch
b) friendship is over when vacation is over
c) you wait for them to call

9) You have to work in a circus; you choose to be:
a) a clown
b) a lion-tamer
c) an acrobat

10) To do overtime is:
a) a waste of free time
b) a way to be better known on the job
c) a way to make a little more money

11) You would have liked to be:
a) Gianni Agnelli
b) a roman emperor
c) Alberto Sordi

12) If you had to open a shop, you would:
a) have few objects, but of high quality
b) have a wide choice of things
c) often change the style

13) To live well it is better to know:
a) what you have to do
b) what you must not do
c) what others do

14) A lovely vase is found:
a) in a museum
b) at home
c) in a shop

15) Some people are teasing you:
a) you play along
b) you get annoyed
c) you tease them too


Question A B C 
1) 1 3 2
2) 1 2 3
3) 2 1 3
4) 3 2 1
5) 1 3 2
6) 1 3 2
7) 3 2 1
8) 3 1 2
9) 3 2 1
10) 3 2 1
11) 1 2 3
12) 2 1 3
13) 3 2 1
14) 3 2 1
15) 2 1 3












Borrowing Benigni's film title, it can be said that what you are looking for is to enjoy life at its best: work, family, free time, studies. The order is not significant because, to you, all these factors have the same degree of importance. Your intention is to have a good quality of life, experience with commitment and serenity, and that is an excellent recipe.


Power attracts you, whether it is about work or your private life. To be recognized as the team leader without whom it is not possible to go ahead is very important to you. This can be experienced in a positive way if you are a person able to take on responsabilities and at the same time able to respect the freedom and personalities of others. It all depends on you.

Your dream? That everyone talk about you, about your success and the fact that you made it. You need objects that show you and others that you can satisfy your every wish. Are you sure that behind this need to show others that you are financially comfortable is not hiding the need for self-confidence and worthiness?