A Book for Project C.I.F.R.A.

by Silvia Colombini, picture by Ramiro Castro Xiques

We are celebrating four years of activities, initiatives and results.

The Istituto Cavazza and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna are still together to present an important book: "Inuovi orzzonti dell'autonomia. Quattro anni del progetto C.I.F.R.A." (Translation: The new horizons of autonomy. Four years of Project C.I.F.R.A), a book presenting the objectives reached during Project C.I.F.R.A.Project C.I.F.R.A. book cover, the Centre for Integration, Training, Rehabilitation, and Autonomy of persons who are blind and low vision.
Innovative and permanent services, cultural events, opportunities to meet: the results are numerous thanks to the commitment of those, and there are so many, who have supported Project C.I.F.R.A. and worked within its framework.
The book is a direct testimony of the value of services created to encourage the independence and integration of people with sensory disabilities. The Istituto Cavazza and the Fondazione really had their heart in this book which was designed by Studio Ondecomunicazione and its pages enriched by the collaboration of photographers and illustrators. With quotes from well-known authors and descriptive texts, "The New Horizons of Autonomy" brings the reader in a world far too unknown and demonstrates its creative potential with the use of technologies, with the variety Presentation of the book for Project C.I.F.R.A.of initiatives and the intensity with which these are put into place. The book, printed by Grafiche Damiani, is presented with dull edges with the idea to communicate even in the graphic design the philosophy at the basis of Project C.I.F.R.A.: to overcome obstacles and barriers to create a new autonomy and new opportunities.
From the time of Louis Braille to this day, Images from the bookinventions and technologies have asserted the right to a better life beyond prejudice and discrimination. So many have come to the launching of the book which took place in the meeting hall of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna to learn about the history of Project C.I.F.R.A. Pier Michele Borra, President of the Istituto Cavazza, and Mario Barbuto, its Director, were there to talk about it, as well as Fabio Roversi Monaco, President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, and Giorgio Stupazzoni, Coordinator of the Social Interventions Commission of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna. With passion and competence the presenters explained the value of Project C.I.F.R.A. in a room full of personalities, young people, interested crowd and enthusiasts of the work. Besides presenting what has been done, the presenters also expressed the will and commitment to pursue new projects in the future, thanks to the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and to the commitment of the Istituto Cavazza. "Under favourable auspices" - as written in the book by Ernesto Dini, council of the Istituto Cavazza and member of the Collegio di Indirizzo of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna - "let this marvelous, precious, and supportive collaboration be renewed and be yet stronger in a spirit of common and shared experience."