Profit and Consumer Respect can Go Hand in Hand

By Ernesto Dini

Mediterrabio is the first and only company in Italy and in Europe to use Braille labels on its products.

In a press release from a well-known Bolognese company, Mediterrabio, which produces and distributes food products,Brand of canned food it is written: "MEDITERRABIO AND BRAILLE". It is not a marketing slogan or a magic formula, but two words bringing together the action of an important company overcoming the solid laws of market and profit, and strenghtening its philosophy of social responsability in respect to the rights and dignity of all consumers and, as well, the commitment to meet the irrepressible need and firm intention of a category of people who have always fought to defend their own independence and to gain civil, cultural and social opportunity that is equal to others. As a matter of fact, Mediterrabio, first and only company in Italy and in Europe to do so, has decided to reproduce in Braille the name of its products on their label. It has begun with a few products from the Alce Nero line, but within a couple of years, the initiative will also include products from the lines Mondovero, Mielizia and Libera Terra for a total of 150 products. This means that blind and low vision consumers will also be able to read directly and independently the labels of products before buying them and, most of all, before eating them.
The initiative, presented on the occasion of the exhibition SaNa in Bologna, last September, is creating great interest for more than 300,000 citizens in Italy and more than two millions in Europe, 60% of which are 65 and older. It is easily understandable that there are many technical difficulties involved in reproducing in Braille the content of a print label. The company plans, however, to reproduce, besides the product name, at least the expiry date which is absolutely essential to the consumer's safety and peace of mind.