Cavazza's Technology Help Centre
at ExposanitÓ

by Federico Bartolomei

The traditional Bolognese appointment on avant-gardist rehabilitation services
has aroused great interest.

Again this year the now traditional Bolognese event ExposanitÓ has seen the active participation of the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza.
At the moment where health ends up on the first pages of newspapers for reasons unfortunately unrelated to managerial efficiency or the excellence of service, ExposanitÓ has proposed once again its contribution to the dissemination of new elements of culture critique and opportunity of choice on which to base levels of higher efficiency by offering a wide perspective on the most innovative technologies on the market.
The nearly 25,000 visitors of this last edition have expressed a remarkable interest towards an event which focuses on a comprehensive panorama of technologies, tools and services relating to each aspect of the diagnostic, care and rehabilitation process.
And it is that theme of rehabilitation and independence of the visually impaired that the Institute for the Blind Francesco Cavazza presented at the Technology Help Centre, a resource and a model of efficiency serving blind and low vision people.

Picture of a reading aid

Picture of a writing aid

Picture of a technical aid